Parents please make sure that your child takes advantage of our Local Scholarships as well as completes all the required FASFA forms regardless if they plan to attend a four year college, two year college or a trade school.    I would also remind parents that our JUNIORS will be taking the ACT on February 28th.  Good scores on your ACT can get you a lot of money for your future.  

This email was sent to Des Arc students today from our Counselor's office. 

Good morning, 

The month of February is quickly approaching....have you filled out your FAFSA (this is how you get federal money to help pay for school), have you applied to your college or vocational school, and have you applied for scholarships? There are many local scholarships on the wall outside the counselor's office. Many are due before we leave for Spring Break. As you finish these applications, please turn them in to Mrs. Sunny. As of now, DAHS students have missed out on $6,000 because no one applied for the DAR scholarships.  Local scholarships are not difficult to fill out and they will benefit YOU in the future. 

Have a great day!!!